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Athens, at the heart of Ancient Greece, is one of the world's oldest cities. It is still dominated by 5th century B.C. landmarks, including the hilltop citadel, the Acropolis, with its ancient buildings like the Parthenon, the Erechthium, and the Theater of Dionysus.

Athens lies in a basin, surrounded by 4 mountains and a number of hills. On Mount Lycabettus there is a chapel and an open-air amphitheater.

The city is dotted with pretty churches of Byzantine and Greek Orthodox origin.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus was a massive temple with 104 columns of which 15 remain.

Below the Acropolis lies the Agora, the ancient gathering place for commerce, assemblies and residences. It is home to important temples and stoas (covered public walkways).

The Tower of Winds is an octagonal water clock tower considered to be the world's first meteorological station.


Monastiraki Square serves as a gathering place to access the Agora and the Acropolis, and as a hub for the entrance to the older cobbled streets of the Plaka.

The new Acropolis Museum was completed in 2009 and is built over top of the ruins of a Roman and early Byzantine site.

The Acropolis Museum houses over 4000 artifacts related to the acropolis from the Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece.


The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates is the only surviving trophy awarded to patrons of winning dramatic performances at the Theater of Dionysus.

Mitropolis Cathedral is the central church of the Greek Orthodox archbishopric. It has been recently renovated and has lovely frescoes, icons, sculptures and mosaics.

Syntagma Square is the central square of Athens and the heart of commercial and political activity. It sits in front of the Old Royal Palace housing the Greek Parliament.

The National Garden is a 38 acre park lying between the Parliament Buildings and the Olympic Stadium of the 1896 Olympic Games.

Constantin XI was the last of the Byzantine emperors,  who died while defending Constantinople against the Ottoman Turks.

Archbishop Damaskinos is recognized for saving thousands of Greek Jews during the Holocaust by issuing them baptismal certificates.

The Evzones are a special unit of the Hellenic army who guard the tomb of the unknown soldier at the Greek Parliament.

Ermou Street is the modern pedestrianized shopping street.

At the Flea Market shoppers can find jewellery, antiques, carpets, old books, fashion clothing and souvenirs.

Piraeus was an ancient port which is still  the largest passenger port in Europe.

Greater Athens has a population of 3 million, and has been dealing with issues of traffic congestion, pollution, waste management and climate change.

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